Hockey Plus! Summer Camp

Camp begins at 9AM, however, you can drop off your camper at 8:30AM as our staff will be there.

The younger group comes dressed for hockey. You can have a coach or a CIT (Counselor in Training) tie skates and help with helmet straps.

Above are the new 2023 CITs at their pre-camp training day. What a great group!

The ice session flows, skills, skills, skills. The last 45 minutes is a controlled scrimmage, the reward for working hard with the drills.Two hours on ice every day!

As the campers finish their scrimmage with handshakes, help is waiting in the lockerrooms to help untie skates, unsnap helmets, pack equipment back into hockey bags and get ready for lunch.

Campers bring their lunch, or can buy at the snack bar. While eating lunch campers can chill out watching an animated movie classic.

After lunch the coaches make announcements, reinforce good behavior, and with the CITs participation, do Sports Trivia.

After cleanup it's time for two large group activities which vary by the day. These activities include soccer, lacrosse, whiffleball, and kickball.

Next, its on to our activities stations: basketball (knockout), cornhole, dodgeball (using beachballs), and air hockey. After all this we have snack time while watching more of the animated movie.

Camp ends at 3:30 with announcements from the coaches and reminders for tomorrow. Coaches will single out for praise campers who made the day fun for others in their group. Campers are dismissed from their lockerrooms.

On the ride home, campers will share all the fun they had!